Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) is an annual listing of the 25 best projects of steward leadership excellence within the Asia-Pacific region. 

Steward Leadership is the genuine desire and persistence to create a COLLECTIVE BETTER FUTURE. In business, this means pursuing a stewardship purpose which aims to create win-win-win prosperity wherein employees, shareholders and society-at-large all thrive together.

The SL25 list showcases projects from for-profit organisations that have demonstrated resolute actions to drive profitable growth by addressing the very challenges that threaten humanity. Projects that are included in SL25 are part of the organisation’s core strategy and purpose and strive to have a significant positive effect on stakeholders, society, future generations, or the environment.  

The 25 projects that have excelled in steward leadership will be revealed during the Steward Leadership Summit at Shangri-La Singapore on 21st November 2023.

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